I’ve never heard of Major General George Thomas so I did a quick search. It turns out I should have heard of him. He is considered by some to be one of the most important yet forgotten generals of the Civil War. George Thomas is the Union Brigade commander who became known as the “Rock of Chickamauga” as he held off Confederate General Leonidas Polk on Sept 19th, the first day of battle (the battle of Chickamauga). He moved back to LaFayette Road after repulsing the attack. Later, Confederate reenforcements commanded by Daniel Harvey Hill’s corps went after Thomas’s flank. Rosecrans and the other Union troops fled the field, only Thomas remained. The Confederates were victorious but their loss (killed/wounded/missing/captured) were 20,500 as compared to the National Army’s 16,326. Sorry for this really quick post. I got lost in reading and forgot the time.

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crazy albumin print

crazy albumin print

Here’s a cool looking exhibition I came across thanks to Marc Gauthier. The official name I believe is Québec City and its Photographers, 1850-1908. The Yves Beauregard Collection. From Marc’s site:

This exhibition offers a selection of approximately 400 photographs, ambrotypes, tintypes and other printing processes of light on a support.

There’s portraits, panaromic views, stereoscopes (3D viewers for old photos), and of course information about the photos and the subjects of the photos. I get the impression from reading the post and looking at Marc’s about page that he’s probably seen better museums. I haven’t been to too many museums myself though and I’m still pretty new so $15 would be a bargain to me. It’s a bummer for me because it’s in Canada, but maybe someone reading this lives nearby and would like to check it out. Here’s where it’s located. Please visit Marc’s review of Québec City and its Photographers for more info.

Hello world!

I guess I have a post already! Well I might as well say hello. Hello! Um, not much to say right now. I did buy this stereograph from ebay not too long ago though. Check it out. It’s of Horseshoe Curve in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

I’m sorry for the bad picture. I took a photo off of ebay. It’s not mine, but it’s the same one. I didn’t expect it to be so bent but I guess that’s normal. My father taught me a little about Horseshoe Pass but to be honest I don’t know that much about railroading. I just thought it looked cool and I love looking at stereoviews. Oh, and mine says T10 at the top not 81.