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Im drawn to Confederate General Robert E Lee. Lee was offered command of the entire U.S. forces from Abraham Lincoln but he refused on principle that Virginia came before the United States, even though he felt secession was wrong. It seems strange now to me, since a lot of people I know dont put their state before their Government on anything.

Lee was actually defeated in his first field command at the Battle of Cheat Mountain. He was blamed by the press for several things and became a military advisor for Jefferson Davis.

He was given command of the Army of Northern Virginia, though, and history was made. With the help of great commanders such as Stonewall Jackson, the Confederates began winning battle after battle. The tide of war changed, however, after the bloody three day Battle of Gettysburg. The south was now fighting defensively and was steadily pushed further and further back after devastating Battles like The Wilderness and Cold Harbor.

I admire that Lee kept his honor and dignity throughout and after the war. He did not pillage the North when he invaded for example. Lee died in 1870 from a stroke. Im sorry to cut this post short, but I have to run right now. Oh, and Happy New Years everyone!

Photo from Library of Congress


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